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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Being new to the blogging malarky I am utterly amazed at the sheer number of blogs out there (aren't there 50,000 a day being started up?), I seem to get 'lost' every time I start dipping into blog world. I need to get my head round this new way of mass communication which seems a wee bit unreal as I sit in my wee home office/junk store soon to be bedroom/wee home office. Well I have now actually worked out that Tara Cain who I follow on twitter (yep, I'm up with the kids) writes the lovely Sticky Fingers blog (keep with me - it's taken me a while to go round in this huge circle). Her weekly Gallery feature encourages fun photography - great idea, gets the creative juices flowing and brain cells moving.
The theme this week is 'Shapes'.'s a photo with loads of rectangles and some triangles, recently taken on the path leading to Corstorphine Hill, our fav local walking spot,

When I say it's my entry, it is my entry but not my daughter Jas got a camera from Santa and we were trying it out that day. The shed wall looks like it could belong anywhere, quiet countryside or breezy seaside village. The graffiti gives it away life to the fore. SNOB! She says she didn't notice the writing. Isn't it nice that kids see behind the surface? We see 'oh that's a shame, someone's ruined that person's shed wall'. They see 'wow, I can that person's shed behind that wall!'. Love it!

I've added another one that I took walking the dog along the same path - it's definitely a shape....answers on a postcard please as to which shape it is!

Have a wee look at the other 'shapes' on Sticky Fingers x


  1. Well spotted! I stay in Glasgow now, but am featuring a London-based shape in my entry.

    That last photo is really quite weird, isn't it?!

  2. I love your daughter's photo - made me smile that someone would put such a daft word on a shed: not exactly "hard" are they!?

    Good luck with the blogging! You'll be sucked in before you know it and life will disappear before your very eyes: children will go unfed and your backside will be rooted to the spot!!

  3. What an unusual word to graffitti. great pic

  4. Thanks for the comments, yes it is odd isn't it? so snobby to have a...shed! I can see how you get sucked in pretty quickly to the bloggers...already have a numb bum!

  5. Found you via the Gallery. For a new blogger you are a good writer.

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere.

  6. p.s.
    "backside will be rooted to the spot!!"

    How very very true

  7. Welcome to the Blogosphere: it's quite a place! I love seeing the world through a child's eyes too; maybe a way to try to recapture some lost innocence.

    Not enough though for me not to see something quite rude in your 2nd photo ( well, I am male...). Bit the polite answer is "almond-shaped" :)

  8. Thanks Liska, feeling like my blog will be a bit random till I get sorted out...takes me a while!

    JallieDaddy - was thinking more of a teardrop shape actually!!