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Monday, 24 January 2011

Welcome Campers!

Welcome Campers! to my new blog. Not sure how I will get kind to me...takes me a while to catch on...I'm going to start chatting (same as blogging right?) about my books first as that's easy peasy, they are very easy to chat about. Who knows where I might end up? Hopefully a slightly magical mystery tour!

Nearly the end of January already! Good news I think, we need to get past the first month and zoom on into Spring! But not too fast, before that we can celebrate the Chinese New Year on 3 February - 'The Great Race' is the story of the Chinese zodiac. Chinese astrology follows a twelve-year cycle, and legend has it that the order in which the years are named is based on a river race between thirteen creatures. This is a lively account of the race and there are very handy notes included on Chinese festivals and astrology. Perfect for 4-9yr olds or anyone studying this at school. 

2011 is the year of the HARE - if that's are lucky, kind and peaceful!

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